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a place to relax, in some way

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16th July 2005

10:57pm: OMG IDEAS
Below is a Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince Spoiler. A theory of mine.

Just warning you.

Spoiler: Voldemort put a little of..Collapse )
2:47am: HBP spoilerCollapse )

25th May 2005

9:10pm: Friends Only, again.
I lied.

I deleted over half of you guys, so, most likely, this will be the last post you read from me.

Why? We've fallen a part -- there are no words to describe how much this heartaches me to just go of so many, but I had to.

I had to.

And, to all of you wandering by:

Ask to be added, and I probably won't add you. I'm sorry.
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